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Public Sector Research and Evaluation

The Public Sector Research & Evaluation Section provides custom research services to British Columbia’s public sector organizations. Our focus is on the collection of feedback from employees, program clients, and the general public, and analyzing and interpreting it in a way that provides actionable insights for executives and managers. We also provide interpretation and analysis of secondary data sources, such as administrative data.

Advantages of using Public Sector Research & Evaluation:

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  • Confidentiality

  • Save Time

  • Save Money

  • Expertise

Contact Public Sector Research & Evaluation

If you are interested in measuring employee engagement or understanding the work environment at your public sector organization, contact Angela Matheson at 250-507-1148.

If you are interested in electronically surveying your clients or customers within government, gathering workshop feedback, or conducting a government program evaluation, contact Beth Collins at 250-217-2108.

If you are interested conducting a telephone or mail survey of the public, designing and completing research involving difficult to reach segments of the population (such as immigrants, Aboriginals and persons with disabilities), conducting focus groups, or planning a citizen consultation, contact Beth Collins at 250-217-2108.


Providing analysis and recommendations is a large part of what we do. For examples of the types of Analytical and Methodological reports we have produced for our clients, see the Analytical Reports Database.