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This section of the website is designed to help users understand modelling and pathway analysis, delve deeper into individual components of engagement, look at results across time, and further investigate how engagement is related to other government priorities such as citizen service. Please use the following navigational categories to find the types of resources you're interested in.

Model, Pathways and Methodology

Explore resources related to the BCPS engagement ‘house’ model, including an overview of its analytic background and development, including hands-on user guides. More>>

Engagement Over Time

Take a look at how engagement has changed over time within the BCPS, including what engagement migration patterns have been observed over the past several years. More>>

Specific Work Environment Topics

Focus on specific work environment topics within the overall engagement model, such as management, staffing practices, and stress and workload. More>>

Organizational Productivity and Performance

Take a closer look at how engagement is tied to organizational performance and productivity. More>>

Citizen Service and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement and public sector frontline service satisfaction are closely related – explore how. More>>

Other Engagement Research

Compare engagement results both within the BCPS, the BC labour force and beyond. More>>