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1996 Census Subdivisions

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SGCNameType1996 Population1996 Dwellings (1)Area Sq. Km.1991-1996 Boundary Change?1991 Boundary Unadjusted Population1991 Boundary Adjusted PopulationIncomplete IR Enumeration 1 = Yes 1996Incomplete IR Enumeration 1 = Yes 1991
5941005100 Mile HouseDM1,85080653.5No0186600
5933845105 Mile Post 2R5216.8No0600
5941844Agats Meadow 8R001.1No0000
5923801Ahahswinis 1R101350.3No08000
5925803Ahaminaquus 12R134300.2No012700
5909835Aitchelitch 9R2270.2No02600
5949822Aiyansh 1R0011.7No0000
5923031Alberni-Clayoquot, Subd. ASRD7,9043,0362202Yes7706758600
5923045Alberni-Clayoquot, Subd. BSRD7423215480.7No068800
5923802Alberni 2R820.4No0000
5909876Albert Flat 5R1330.7Yes01300
5943008Alert BayVL6122621.7No062800
5943801Alert Bay 1R204620.7No014900
5943802Alert Bay 1AR4511512.6No046800
5941815Alexandria 1R831.9No01200
5941870Alexandria 1AR000.9Yes0700
5941816Alexandria 3R544No0800
5941814Alexandria 3AR421.5No01200
5907808Alexis 9R1131.7No01000
5941847Alexis Creek 6R000.8No05300
5941817Alexis Creek 14R831.3No0000
5941818Alexis Creek 16R000.7No0000
5941842Alexis Creek 17R001.8No0000
5941848Alexis Creek 21R213.6No0400
5941819Alexis Creek 24R000.7No0000
5941820Alexis Creek 25R000.7No0000
5941856Alexis Creek 34R211.3No0200
5941801Alkali Lake 1R350972.6No032100
5923803Anacla 12R91331.3No010600
5941821Anahim's Flat 1R0037.2No047810
5941822Anahim's Meadow 2R002.6No0210
5941823Anahim's Meadow 2AR001No0010
5941824Andy Cahoose Meadow 16R001.3No0000
5943820Apsagayu 1AR000Yes0000
5933844Ashcroft 4R67260.5No05100
5907809Ashnola 10R391135.4No04900
5925815Aupe 6R000.1No0100
5925816Aupe 6AR000.5No0000
5909801Aywawwis 15R000.9No0500
5951828Babine 6R128322.4No012600
5949819Babine 17R121390.8No08900
5951829Babine 25R116370.8No012500
5941825Baezaeko River 25R000.7No0100
5941836Baezaeko River 26R000.7No0100
5941849Baptiste Meadow 2R002.5No0000
5909852Baptiste Smith 1AR000.2Yes0000
Page size:
 714 items in 15 pages

(1) Includes all private dwellings occupied by usual residents as well as those occupied by temporary and/or foreign residents.

CSD Types:
C = City
DM = District Municipality
IGD = Indian Governmental District
R = Indian Reserve
SE = Indian Settlement
SRD = Subdivision of Regional District
T = Town
VL = Village

Source:  1996 + 1991 Census, Statistics Canada

Prepared by:  BC Stats, Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services